Days Off | Day in the life of ICC



By: Jack L, 2022 ICC Participant

 You arrive at your campsite just before sunset. The day started with breakfast at a cozy cafe, complete with a dazzling menu and a retro record player playing good vibes. After breakfast, you and your crew find showers – a necessity after working a full week outdoors. Feeling refreshed, everyone piles back into the truck and you start the drive towards the campsite. Music and podcasts entertain your mind for the next few hours, along with the stunning scenery of the Idaho wilderness. Creeks and rivers run alongside the road as you wind around mountains.

After dinner in town, you make it to the campsite; it’s a little after 7 p.m. Without the city lights, darkness will settle in quickly and you retrieve your pack from the truck to set up camp. The tent that used to take you 30 minutes to set up now takes 5. You look to your left and see the orange glow of the sun gently starting to fall behind the mountains – jagged as the teeth of a chainsaw. The sky is pink, the trees are glowing. As you look around, all your worries, concerns, and fears dissolve. You are thankful, you are rested, you are peaceful, you are living.