Field News

For Youth Camping Session 1:

Updated June 14 2021

Blue Crew  Continuation of last week Blue Crew will be heading up to the beautiful area around Wallace to work with a longstanding ICC partner. Blue crew will not only have the opportunity to engage in some crucial ecological enhancement through invasive species removal but they will also be engaging with a partner who really understands the ICC mission and looks to provide as many educational and professional development opportunities as possible. Anticipation was high as the crew rolled out for what lie ahead and we can’t wait to hear about all the knowledge these conservation heroes come back with! 


Orange Crew Orange crew is headed back country in the Boise National Forest for trail work for 2 weeks.


Red Crew:  Continuation of last week. Red Crew could not have gotten off to a better start! The crew came together with energy and enthusiasm and are ready for any challenge the season may present. They are especially excited to be headed out to their first project which will be a two-week hitch working with the Bonner Ferry’s Ranger District working on some trail reconstruction. The crew will get some great work experience working alongside a Forest Service crew and are eager for the technical knowledge their leaders will share in how to build switchbacks and the components of trail building!  All the crew members really seemed to embrace writing the latest chapter of the ICC legacy and we can’t wait for the adventures ahead for Red Crew!