Field News

For Youth Camping Session 2:

Updated July 26, 2021

Note from staff: All Crews are doing awesome!  We’ve gotten only positive feedback about the work and attitudes for every crew


Blue Crew – On the same project as last week in the Payette National Forest, and are making great progress on the trail reroute project. This project will encompass so many different trail structures and elements of trail design and will be very satisfying to see it from beginning to end


Yellow- Week 2 in the Boise National Forest working on trail maintenance.  They are doing some awesome trail work, making great drainage structures, and really improving the trail for hikers and bikers.


Red – Headed south this weekend to help Blue crew on the reroute trails project in the Payette National forest!  This crew is sure to bring a lot of good work and fun times to this big project.


Orange – Headed to the Wood River Valley to help our partners construct some Beaver Dam Analogs (BDAs).  This is really fun (and hard!) work that helps return riparian areas to a more natural state.